Influenced by the diversity of lifestyles with the inclusion of high fashion that she witnessed on a daily basis, Z'ion Morrison sought to create something that was for everyone and allowed them to express their unique individuality in a simple, yet bold way; with sunglasses. Growing up amongst fashion, she always felt that ones style was not always complimented by the designer or piece, but by the additional personal attributes they incorporated into their look. Thats where the emphasis of shades and style fell into place.

During her last year of high school, Z’ion formed a start-up with a small collection of her favorite sunglass styles that truly never seemed to go out of style. With a background in creating clothing related businesses in the past, she wanted to begin something that she truly had a passion for as they were the one accessory that she felt could really become the “icing on the cake” when it comes to an outfit. Since then, she continued to invest time and money into her vision, even if it meant being the only one.

The aesthetic that Z’ion had in mind for Vizion Eyewear emulated the sense of simplistic luxury.

“I wanted to create something that not only anyone could wear, but could also feel and look like a million bucks in without having to compromise for quality or cost. That’s one reason why I enjoy working with models who seem to go “against the grain”, but can still remind you of someone you might see everyday. This is eyewear for EVERYONE.”

From cutting edge to simple styles, customers will always feel one step ahead of the game. The direction of Vizion Eyewear is straight forward, but the future of Vizion goes further than the eye can see.

Vizion is more than just eyewear.